Innumerable Messiahs

In 2013 I spent four four months trying to live like Jesus, after coming across a Jesus related weight loss plan online. I decided to go one step further, I dressed like Jesus, eat like Jesus, and tried to complete Jesus related tasks such as walking on water and washing feet. I tried to be as close to the character of the Son of God as possible, but I fell short of making miracles. Instead of walking on water I plunged into ponds, instead of creating a feeling of holiness by washing peoples feet, I pretty sure it made them uncomfortable.

I wanted to highlight the role religion still has in the UK, in what we often think of as a secular western society. I wanted to point out Christianities left over residues, and the not particully helpful moralistic and judgmental hang up it still manifests within our society.

I managed to persuade to join in with my role play, the awkwardness of acting the religious fables taught to me as a child, seemed to bring humility to the protagonists and to disarm the stiff social codes of normal mother-daughter or daughter father relationships.


© Clare Bottomley