Headway East London Film and Video Club

I have been the Resident Filmaker in Headway East London for six months, where through collaboration have set up a Film and Video Club. This film is our first completed project.

Who Are We Now? It’s a question many brain injury survivors ask themselves after going through such a life changing episode. For many people they will experience great loss (whether that’s occupation, relationships or skills) and all of these can lead to a questioning of identity. The survivors featured in this project, both in front of and behind the camera, have all grappled with this dilemma - this film is their response.

This project involved a large group of members attending local charity Headway East London. Each frame is planned, written, directed and filmed by survivors of brain injury – reflecting their own personal experiences and presenting it in a truly authentic way which also encourages and celebrates their creative talents.

Musicians, artists, chefs, poets, filmmakers; the film introduces a group of people who have forged new roles for themselves whilst acknowledging the ongoing challenges that remain after brain injury. It also reveals the bonds and friendships that can emerge during this journey; looking to the future together as a community united by one unique experience.

We are very proud to be selected for the Together! Film Festival 2017

© Clare Bottomley